RBI is the manufacturer of choice for both large and small runs of commemorative coin and medal blanks .

All our blanks are tailor made to customer’s wishes on shape, hardness and surface finish.
Whether you like round, square, triangular or other special shapes, the possibilities are endless. Since all tooling is made in-house, the lead times are short even for unique shapes.

To maintain this service, we keep stock of several alloys in various thicknesses up to 5mm.

Below are just a few of the alloys we keep in our stock 
• Copper
• Brass
• Bronze
• CuproNickel 75/25
• Nickel brass
• Nickel silver or New silver
• Nordic Gold

Always check with us when you have a special demand, since our stock outside the above standard materials is always changing so we might have your need in our warehouse.

Gold or silver plated blanks are available on request.

All above blanks are available in all diameters varying from 14 to 45mm.

Bi-metal /Bicolor blanks

Also for tailor-made Bi-metal blanks we are a trusted partner for many customers with quantities up to 500.000 pcs.


Flexibility is a great advantage and for us, there is no order too small and no challenge too big. There is no minimum order volume for blanks manufactured from alloys out of our stock, nor is there for special alloys.

There is a great difference in quality for blanks and we are able to offer any requested quality with regards to the thickness, weight, hardness and surface finish, all according to the requested coin or metal characteristics.