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Gold or Silver plated Medal & Coin Blanks | Royal Blanking International



Looking to attract new potential collectors? A high-end looking but low-cost product is the perfect way for people to start collecting.

Instead of individual plating after minting, precious metal plating before minting can be a very cost effective solution.

Reduction of cost through:

  • Scale enlargement (bigger volume, lower cost)
  • Lead time reduction (ready to mint blanks on the shelf and immediate delivery)
  • Reduction of logistics
  • Excellent mat and gloss distinction

The blanks can be supplied with:

  • Individual polishing and manual plating or
  • Large volume (and therefore more cost effective) barrel plating.


Flexibility is a great advantage and for us, there is no order too small and no challenge too big. There is no minimum order volume for blanks manufactured from alloys out of our stock, nor is there for special alloys.

There is a great difference in quality for blanks and we are able to offer any requested quality with regards to the thickness, weight, hardness and surface finish, all according to the requested coin or metal characteristics.